Sunfire is a Western Folk band of five formed in the Netherlands in 2017. Their sound draws from various influences including country, folk, bluegrass, alternate rock and roots. Their stripped-down sound contrasted with americana and demonstrated a rock influence, creating an original and niche voice in the music industry. Expect raw vocals, enthralling tales, and irresistible rhythms and melodies.

In a short amount of time they have grown exponentially in the alternative and mainstream music scene. In the past years they rocked many stages in Europe, winning the hearts of organizers, the press and, most importantly, the audience.

Their classic lineup is Satria Karsono (lead vocals, banjo, guitar), Sophie Zaaijer (violin, vocals), Berend de Vries (guitar, vocals), Jeroen van Leeuwen (drums, vocals) and Michel Beeckman (bass).