To register for the Medieval Fantasy Market, fill in the information below.

The cost for a booth is €140 for 4 linear meters. Each additional linear meter costs €35 per linear meter for three days.
It is not logistically possible to stand for one or two days.
Each exhibitor always receives two exhibitor bands for the entire weekend.

Make sure you enter the dimensions exactly.
When you enter 4 meters as the width, you have exactly 4 meters incl. e.g. guy ropes at your disposal.

It is mandatory to execute your own outlet in medieval or fantasy style.
Registration is not guaranteed at registration. We will be in touch to confirm.

In the case of a private booth or stall, the longest side is considered the linear meter side. For example, if you have a tent that is 4 meters wide and 6 meters deep, we charge 6 linear meters for this.

Make sure the dimensions are entered accurately. If your stall is one meter wider than specified, there is simply the possibility that there is no space available.