What are the opening hours?2023-07-31T23:30:20+02:00

Friday from 12:00 to 00:00
Saturday from 10:00 to 00:00
Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Can I pay with coins anywhere?2023-03-18T15:47:42+01:00

Nay! At market stalls, various games (such as archery) it is not possible to pay with coins. Pin or cash only.

Can I pay in cash at the catering facility?2023-03-25T22:13:35+01:00

No! Drink and food payment is only possible with consumption tokens.
Consumption tokens can be purchased at the main entrance, small stage and large stage.

I forgot my password!2023-03-25T22:13:36+01:00

Did you create an account before?
All accounts prior to 2023 have been deleted. So you need to create a new account.
You can create a new account at checkout or under MY ACCOUNT.

Have you already created a new account?
Then you can also request a new password under MY ACCOUNT.

Don’t come out anyway? Use the contact form and we’ll help you out.

When will I receive my tickets?2023-03-25T22:13:37+01:00

Tickets will be mailed immediately after payment. Some payment options, such as various benefit cards, PayPal and credit cards, may take longer. For example, in some cases with PayPal, the balance must first be paid to PayPal before we are notified that the payment has succeeded.

In the case of at. iDeal or Apple Pay tickets arrive right away with a max of up to 24 hours.

After 24 hours 100% sure did pay, but still haven’t received tickets?

Have you created an account?
If so, you can also download your tickets anytime under ‘MY ACCOUNT’.

Didn’t you create an account?
Then your tickets are probably in the Spam folder or you used a wrong mail address.

Use the contact form and clearly provide us with the email address, your name and if possible a transaction number and we will sort it out.

Can I volunteer to stay overnight on the grounds?2023-03-25T22:13:37+01:00

Yes! Right by the entrance at the volunteer campground.

May I bring my own drinks and/or food?2022-08-06T20:34:00+02:00

As always, you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.
We will never be fussy about a pack of drinks for the kids, a sandwich or a snack, but there is absolutely no intention to have complete meals or to have extensive breakfasts, dinners and enter the grounds with crates or cooler bags and have extensive picnics.

Self-brought alcoholic beverages are absolutely not allowed, this is due to the permits provided by the municipality.
The organization reserves the right to confiscate self-brought drink and food items at all times.

In all cases, glassware is strictly prohibited on the grounds!

Is Medieval Winschoten wheelchair accessible?2022-08-06T20:31:21+02:00

We did our best to make the event as wheelchair accessible as possible. Medieval Winschoten, however, takes place in Winschoten’s City Park.
All main paths are paved and most market stalls will be fairly close to the main paths. The main stage, however, is on a grassy field.

Can I take photographs?2022-08-06T20:28:56+02:00

It is allowed to take photos for private purposes only, there are a number of rules.

Visitors are absolutely not allowed to take photos of bands, artists, employees, other visitors, etc. without explicit permission.
Visitors are not allowed to use photos taken for commercial purposes.

It is possible to request a photo pass, which you can request >here<.

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